NB veterinarian receives AVC's 2011 Atlantic Award of Excellence

New Brunswick veterinarian Dr. James Goltz is the recipient of the Atlantic Veterinary College’s 2011 Atlantic Award of Excellence in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care.

Dr. Donald Reynolds, Dean of the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) at UPEI, presented the award to Dr. Goltz during the New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association’s annual general meeting held in Moncton, New Brunswick, recently.

“The Atlantic Veterinary College’s Atlantic Award of Excellence recognizes excellence in, and outstanding contributions to, veterinary medicine and animal care,” says Dr. Reynolds. “AVC is proud to be New Brunswick’s veterinary college, and we are equally proud to recognize Dr. Goltz for his accomplishments in veterinary medicine.”

An outstanding veterinarian and individual, Dr. James Goltz has been a member of the New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association since 1985. A graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Goltz is a veterinary pathologist who provides pathology services for New Brunswick veterinarians and wildlife biologists. He is currently manager of the New Brunswick Provincial Veterinary Laboratory and Pathology Services unit.

He has contributed greatly to the veterinary profession, having served as provincial/territorial co-chair of the Canadian Council of Chief Veterinary Officers, president of the New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association, and as a member of the Animal Care Committee at UNB and of the board of the Fredericton SPCA for many years.

He helped devise and implement a successful trap-vaccinate-release Wildlife Rabies Control Program to deal with the raccoon variant rabies outbreak in 2001. He also helped create, implement and teach an animal euthanasia program for animal shelter workers of New Brunswick.

Dr. Goltz is an active member of the community, having served as a board member of the New Brunswick Museum, as a founding member and first president of Aids New Brunswick, and as president of the New Brunswick Federation of Naturalist.

He is an active member of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick and the Nature Preserve Steering Committee. He provides education to the public as a regular resource person for CBC Radio on a wide range of topics including edible wild plants, bird migration, zoonotic diseases and AIDS.

Fellow veterinarian Dr. George Whittle sums it up well in his letter of support for Dr. Goltz's nomination: "Whether it be advice on a pathology case, a wildlife or animal welfare issue, educational tours through the woods, or even guidance on Robert's Rules, Jim can always be depended on for answers, not only correct but given with good humour and grace."