Summer Programs

AVC Vet Camp offers lots of hands-on with animals
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Dr. Tim Ogilvie AVC Vet Camp
AVC Vet Camp offers an educational adventure like no other. You’ll learn about anatomy, wildlife medicine, and animal behaviour. You’ll get to visit our large- and small-animal hospitals, including our intensive care units, and take a field trip. You’ll learn about keeping pets and farm animals healthy. You’ll also take part in lively discussions on animal-related social and public health issues that face veterinarians today, and learn all about the educational requirements to become a veterinarian.

AVC Summer Academy
The Atlantic Veterinary College Summer Academy is a five-day residential program where students will interact with the College's faculty, staff and students through a variety of instructional approaches including classroom lectures, field trips, rotations, and hands-on sessions, all of which serve to expose students to the profession of veterinary medicine.